The Généthon human genetic linkage map

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An extended reprint of the manuscript published in Nature on 14 March 1996 (Volume 380, pp. 152-154).


Letters to Nature

A comprehensive genetic map of the human genome based on 5,264 microsatellites pi–p138

C. Dib, S Fauré, C. Fizames, D. Samson, N. Drouot, A. Vignal, P. Millasseau, S. Marc, J. Hazan, E. Seboun, M. Lathrop, G. Gyapay, J. Morissette & J. Weissenbach



Introduction pi

Letter to Nature piii-v

Supplementary Figure 1: Genetic linkage map of 5,264 microsatellite markers Al and even-numbered pages A2 – Al28 pA1

Supplementary Table 1: Characteristics of the AFM markers from Supplementary Figure :1 Al and odd-numbered pages A3–Al29 pA1

Chromosome 1 pA2

Chromosome 2 pA12

Chromosome 3 pA22

Chromosome 4 pA30

Chromosome 5 pA36

Chromosome 6 pA44

Chromosome 7 pA52

Chromosome 8 pA58

Chromosome 9 pA64

Chromosome 10 pA68

Chromosome 11 pA74

Chromosome 12 pA80

Chromosome 13 pA86

Chromosome 14 pA90

Chromosome 15 pA94

Chromosome 16 pA98

Chromosome 17 pA102

Chromosome 18 pA108

Chromosome 19 pA112

Chromosome 20 pA116

Chromosome 21 pA120

Chromosome 22 pA122

Chromosome X pA124


Additional material

Supplementary Table 2: List of AFM markers from previous releases not figuring in the present maps pA130

Supplementary Table 3: List of markers with sequences which are identical to other sequences in databases pA131

Homologies between AFM markers atid GenBank gene sequences (Release 87; introns or 5' and 3' untranscribed regions) pA131

Homologies between AFM markers and GenBank anonymous sequences (Release 87) pA132

Supplementary Table 4: Gene markers developed for specific genes pA133

Supplementary Table 5: List of non-recombinant pairs of highly informative markers pA134