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Digital revolution

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    An explosion in information technology is remaking the world, leaving few aspects of society untouched.

    • Richard Hodson
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    We live in a moment of profound transitions caused by the accelerating dynamics of planetary change. The digital transformation is an important driver of this dynamics which we need to better understand.

    • Christoph Rosol
    • , Benjamin Steininger
    • , Jürgen Renn
    •  &  Robert Schlögl
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    A growing proportion of global culture exists only online, presenting a challenge to those tasked with maintaining the historical record.

    • Sedeer el-Showk
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    If the digital revolution is to democratize knowledge, it must include the voices of marginalized communities, say Anasuya Sengupta, Siko Bouterse and Kira Allmann.

    • Anasuya Sengupta
    • , Siko Bouterse
    •  &  Kira Allmann