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Nature Index 2018 Rising Stars

Creative minds drive the scientific enterprise. In recognition of their leading role, Nature Index 2018 Rising Stars profiles up-and-coming researchers in the natural sciences. These are the individuals who have achieved excellence in the Nature Index, and have demonstrated the passion, ambition and resilience to rise even higher in the competitive world of academia. This supplement also tells the stories of institutions, countries and regions that have exceeded expectations in their contribution to the Nature Index over the past three years.

Nature Index 2018 Rising Stars is an editorially independent supplement. Advertisers have no influence over the content.

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    Scientists are under increasing pressure to perform a variety of tasks earlier in their careers.

    • Smriti Mallapaty
  • Nature | Nature Index

    These newcomers are making their mark in science across the disciplines.

    • Catherine Armitage
    • , Katherine Bourzac
    • , Elie Dolgin
    •  &  Smriti Mallapaty
  • Nature | Nature Index

    Strength in different sectors, subjects and regions contributes to a country's success.

  • Nature | Nature Index

    Although China leads the pack, fast-moving institutions are building their research reputations the world over.

    • Anja Krieger
    • , Bianca Nogrady
    • , Neil Savage
    •  &  Mark Zastrow
  • Nature | Nature Index

    The young universities whose growth in high-quality research surpasses their peers.

    • Gemma Conroy
    • , Smriti Mallapaty
    • , Sarah O’Meara
    •  &  T. V. Padma

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    The Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) is actively promoting technology transfer and innovation through the commercialization of its core research brands and the cultivation of tech-driven venture companies

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    Established in 2012, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has developed in leaps and bounds at its Shenzhen campus. Its international academics and lecturers conduct classes in their own style, giving every student a globally-focused and personalized education.

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    Japan needs to embrace strategic research and globalization to remain at the forefront of innovation. Having joined the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) at a critical phase of its growth, Peter Gruss shares his vision for the institution and its contribution to Japan’s future.

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    The Institute of Microbial Chemistry demonstrates how a small research institute can make a big impact on both academia and the pharmaceutical industry.