Focus on Membrane dynamics

Cellular membranes in eukaryotes are dynamic structures. The budding and fusion of vesicles, as well as the proper delivery of their contents, requires coordinated interactions between coat complexes, adaptor proteins, cargo molecules and cellular machinery including the cytoskeleton. Membrane dynamics are important for fundamental cell biological processes, and dysfunction in membrane trafficking pathways contributes to myriad diseases and developmental anomalies. The January 2012 issue of Nature Cell Biology presents a series of review articles by leading scientists on recent developments in membrane dynamics — including endocytosis, and vesicle biogenesis and transport — and the importance of these processes in development and disease.

An accompanying online library presents selected research papers and reviews from Nature Cell Biology and other Nature journals.


Focus on Membrane dynamics

Membrane dynamics

Nature Cell Biology 14, 1 (2012)


Focus on Membrane dynamics

Lessons from yeast for clathrin-mediated endocytosis

Douglas R. Boettner, Richard J. Chi and Sandra K. Lemmon

Nature Cell Biology 14, 2–10; (2012)

Focus on Membrane dynamics

Bridging membrane and cytoskeleton dynamics in the secretory and endocytic pathways

Mihaela Anitei and Bernard Hoflack

Nature Cell Biology 14, 11–19; (2012)

Focus on Membrane dynamics

COPII and the regulation of protein sorting in mammals

Giulia Zanetti, Kanika Bajaj Pahuja, Sean Studer, Soomin Shim and Randy Schekman

Nature Cell Biology 14, 20–28; (2012)

Focus on Membrane dynamics

Sorting nexins provide diversity for retromer-dependent trafficking events

Peter J. Cullen and Hendrik C. Korswagen

Nature Cell Biology 14, 29–37; (2012)

Focus on Membrane dynamics

Shaping development with ESCRTs

Tor Erik Rusten, Thomas Vaccari and Harald Stenmark

Nature Cell Biology 14, 38–45; (2012)