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From brain to behaviour

The aim of this page is to provide a snapshot of some of the most exciting work on the brain published in Nature Communications. We cover a wide variety of areas and organisms, ranging from neurophysiological and neurodevelopmental studies in model organisms to systems neuroscience to cognitive neuroscience and psychology.

Brittany Cardwell

Brittany’s background is in memory and social cognition. In her research, she investigated the effects of photos on people’s memories and beliefs. She also investigated how existential belief systems influence people’s judgments and emotions. Brittany primarily handles manuscripts with an emphasis on human behaviour.

Fiona Carr

Fiona has a background in neurobiology in rodent models. She manages the neuroscience and psychology team and handles a broad range of manuscripts including neurological disease and clinical neuroscience.

Myrthel Dogge

Myrthel has a research background in social and cognitive (neuro)psychology. She mainly handles manuscript with a focus on psychology and cognitive neuroscience, as well as clinical papers and registered reports in those areas.

Elisa Floriddia (@ElisaFlo04)

Elisa has a background in cellular and molecular neuroscience. She worked on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, neurodevelopment, and the molecular and functional heterogeneity of glial cell populations. Elisa mainly handles manuscripts in neuronal stem cell and glial biology, neurodevelopment, disease, and transcriptomics applied to neuroscience.

Henrietta Howells (@ettah)

Henrietta has a background in neuroimaging, and its clinical applications. As an editor, she has an interest in connectivity techniques to study brain-behaviour associations and the clinical potential of neuroimaging. She mainly handles manuscripts with a focus on cognitive and clinical neuroimaging.

Sophie Morgan (@Thought4Minds)

Sophie has a research background in molecular and cellular neurodegeneration. As an editor, she has a keen interest in all aspects of neurodegeneration, as well as neurological disorders, and handles manuscripts in these areas.


Christian Schnell (@NeuroSchnell)

Christian has a background in neurophysiology and studied neuron-glia interactions in rodents. He also worked with iPSC-derived neurons as a model and potential treatment for Huntington’s disease. He mainly handles manuscripts with a focus on neurophysiology, systems neuroscience, and neurotechnology.


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