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2021 Neuropsychopharmacology Reviews: Big Data in Psychiatry

It is now clear that unraveling how the brain creates behavior, and how this understanding can better inform new therapies and interventions, will require vast new approaches to tackling the complex problems in Neuroscience and Psychiatry. Fortunately, tremendous evolution in sample sizes, computing power, neuroimaging technologies, digital approaches to phenotyping, and computational modeling have rapidly brought in a new era of Big Data in Psychiatry. How we understand and utilize computational approaches to enormous data, from genomics to neuroimaging to phenotyping, may well determine our success as a field in the coming years. To address these issues, the 2021 Neuropsychopharmacology Reviews edition aims to cover a broad swath, from digital data collection, to neuroimaging across development, to multiomics across disorders, to computational approaches to Big Data in Psychiatry.


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