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Focal Point on Hydrogen Energy in Japan

Hydrogen offers Japan a clean source of energy that is both storable and transportable. It will play a big part in helping the country realize its goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050, while providing energy security. One of the first countries to invest in hydrogen energy, Japan is now leading the world in hydrogen technologies. In addition to generating hydrogen locally, Japan is exploring ways to import it from energy-rich countries.

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Japan’s massive investment in hydrogen energy is aimed at positioning the resource-poor nation as a world leader in the energy economy

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After almost 20 years in the making, Chiyoda Corporation's low-cost hydrogen transport technology is now a reality, with the successful demonstration of shipment from Brunei to Japan — a big step towards realizing a hydrogen-energy society

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When the ship Suiso Frontier crosses the Pacific Ocean in 2021 bearing a cargo of liquid hydrogen, the world will cross a technological frontier

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