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Japan earthquake and nuclear crisis

Japan is struggling with its worst-ever nuclear power disaster, following the magnitude-9 earthquake and massive tsunami that struck the country on 11 March. Nature brings you regular updates, analysis and comment on the crisis. Japanese Site

One Year On

Nature dissects what has been learned about the event over the past year and how those lessons can help societies to prepare for future disasters.

Latest coverage

The most recent news and comment articles from Nature and its sister journals.



Online exclusives including a timeline of our coverage to date and a clickable map of the world’s nuclear power plants.


Fukushima updates

Tracking the condition of the Fukushima Daichii nuclear power station’s stricken reactors.


Radiation & Health

Analysis of the latest radiation data and its consequences for human health and for science.


The future of nuclear

The knock-on effects of Japan's nuclear emergency on global energy policy.


Earthquake & Tsunami

The seismology and effects of Japan’s 11 March magnitude-9 quake.

  • Hidden depths

    A staggering lack of undersea data hampers our understanding of earthquakes and tsunamis. Geophysicists must put more instruments offshore, says Andrew V. Newman.

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  • Rebuilding seismology

    Two months on from the earthquake and tsunami that hit their country on 11 March, five Japanese seismologists reflect on what they have learned from it so far.

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Past coverage from Nature that puts the current crisis in context.

  • A US nuclear future?

    Building nuclear power plants in the United States could be the best clean alternative to coal in the near future. Or it could be a costly mistake.

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  • Nuclear test

    Japan's response to an earthquake highlights both the promise and the pitfalls of nuclear power at a critical time for its future.

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