Nature Milestones in Cytoskeleton

  • Editorial

    The Milestones are a series of specially written articles, which highlight the most influential discoveries in the field of cytoskeleton over the past 60 years. Nature Milestones in Cytoskeleton also comprises a Collection of selected Reviews and an online-only library of recent research papers and review-type articles from Nature Publishing Group.

  • milestones timeline

    Ordered chronologically, the Milestones trace the discoveries in the field of cytoskeleton from 1942 to 2000. Each Milestone is dated in the timeline according to the year of publication of the most significant developments with which it is associated.

  • collection articles

    The Collection features selected Reviews published by Nature, Nature Cell Biology and Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology that discuss the three types of filament that constitute the cytoskeleton.

  • NPG library

    The online-only Library contains cytoskeleton-related research and review-type articles published by Nature Publishing Group, organized according to subject area.

  • advisors

    The papers that were highlighted in the Milestones were chosen with the help of a panel of expert advisors.

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