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25th Anniversary Collection

Nature Biotechnology is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Throughout the year in this collection, we will bring together a variety of content with an eye on the future of biotech. Below we present a selection of 25 landmark papers published across our history. More information about these papers can be found on the Bioengineering Community (


Since this journal launched in March 1996, biotech has become a US economic powerhouse. To reach its full potential over the next 25 years, touching all corners of the globe, it must become more inclusive.

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Nature Biotechnology asks a selection of faculty about the most exciting frontier in their field and the most needed technologies for advancing knowledge and applications.

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The feasibility of recycling CO2 to biofuels in photosynthetic organisms will depend on advances in productivity and product-purification efficiency. Atsumi et al. improve the direct conversion of CO2 by engineering Synechococcus elongatus to produce isobutyraldehyde, which can be easily recovered from the production medium.

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TALEs (transcription activator-like effectors) are transcription factors from the plant pathogen Xanthomonas that can be readily engineered to bind new DNA sequences of interest. Miller et al. use a truncated TALE linked to a nuclease domain to edit and regulate endogenous genes in human cells.

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Protein nanopores are being developed as sensors that could perform rapid, electronic sequencing of long single molecules of DNA. Manrao et al. report the first demonstration of single nucleotide–resolution current traces from a nanopore, and show that these data can be mapped to known DNA sequences.

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