Volume 4 Issue 3, March 2017

Volume 4 Issue 3

Our CPD article in the February BDJ Team was particularly well-received, so we're pleased to feature another core CPD topic this month: medical emergencies. Refresh your knowledge on what to do if the most common medical emergencies occur in your practice.

Editor Kate Quinlan was delighted to interview former dental nurse Kirstie Moons this February at the GDC HQ in London. Kirstie now sits on the GDC Council and her positivity is infectious. Read all about Kirstie's career journey this month in BDJ Team.

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    Tommy MacGregor, 39, qualified as a dental nurse in 1996 and now works for NHS Education for Scotland (NES) as a DCP tutor and CPD advisor. Tommy has also been an NEBDN examiner and is now an NEBDN Trustee.

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    Edward Sinclair discusses hand dermatitis and latex allergy among dental workers.

    • Edward Sinclair
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    Sugar is rarely out of the headlines at the moment, whether it is in reference to the number of children having rotten teeth extracted under general anaesthetic; the quantity of soft drinks consumed by teenagers; or our very British love of cakes to celebrate every occasion. How does our consumption of sugar compare to that of other countries across the world? The following content is taken from the second edition of The Oral Health Atlas published by the FDI World Dental Federation.

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    Stephen Turner and Margaret Ross conducted a survey of dental hygienists and therapists working in direct access practices in the UK to find out how they were functioning, which treatments were involved, and the barriers they had encountered.

    • Stephen Turner
    •  & Margaret Ross

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