The urodynamic status during psychogenic erection in a patient with a conus medullaris injury. Case report

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The urodynamic status of a 24 year old male patient with psychogenic erection who sustained a conus medullaris lesion from a burst fracture of the first lumbar vertebra is reported. During the initial measurement the external urinary sphincter pressure began to rise from the base pressure of 35 cm H2O 5 seconds after the beginning of audiovisual sexual stimulation and reached the peak of 110 cm H2O. In parallel, the bladder neck pressure gradually rose from its base pressure of 5 cm H2O to a maximal pressure of 115 cm H2O and then ejaculation occurred. The difference is no more than 5 cm H2O and this small difference in pressure inhibits retrograde ejaculation.


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Yasuda, K., Yamanishi, T., Hattori, T. et al. The urodynamic status during psychogenic erection in a patient with a conus medullaris injury. Case report. Spinal Cord 32, 358–361 (1994) doi:10.1038/sc.1994.61

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  • urodynamic status
  • psychogenic erection
  • Rigiscan
  • conus medullaris injury