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Concept, implementations and applications of Fourier ptychography


The competition between resolution and the imaging field of view is a long-standing problem in traditional imaging systems — they can produce either an image of a small area with fine details or an image of a large area with coarse details. Fourier ptychography (FP) is an approach for tackling this intrinsic trade-off in imaging systems. It takes the challenge of high-throughput and high-resolution imaging from the domain of improving the physical limitations of optics to the domain of computation. It also enables post-measurement computational correction of optical aberrations. We present the basic concept of FP, compare it to related imaging modalities and then discuss experimental implementations, such as aperture-scanning FP, macroscopic camera-scanning FP, reflection mode, single-shot set-up, X-ray FP, speckle-scanning scheme and deep-learning-related implementations. Various applications of FP are discussed, including quantitative phase imaging in 2D and 3D, digital pathology, high-throughput cytometry, aberration metrology, long-range imaging and coherent X-ray nanoscopy. A collection of datasets and reconstruction codes is provided for readers interested in implementing FP themselves.

Key points

  • Fourier ptychography (FP) is a computational method for synthesizing raw data into a high-resolution and wide-field-of-view image through a combination of synthetic aperture and phase retrieval concepts. Unlike conventional techniques, which trade resolution against imaging field of view, FP can achieve both simultaneously.

  • FP can computationally render both the intensity and the phase images of the sample from intensity-based measurements.

  • FP has the intrinsic ability to computationally correct aberrations. As a result, in FP, the task of aberration correction is not a physical system design problem but, rather, a computational problem that can be resolved post-measurement.

  • Defocus is a type of aberration and, thus, FP can computationally refocus images over a much extended range.

  • Since the invention of FP, various innovations on the original method have been reported; this Technical Review discusses some of the most impactful ones, such as aperture-scanning and camera-scanning schemes, extensions for handling 3D specimens and X-ray FP, among others.

  • A collection of FP datasets and reconstruction codes is provided to interested readers.

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Fig. 1: Comparison between Fourier ptychography and real-space ptychography.
Fig. 2: Implementations of Fourier ptychography.
Fig. 3: Quantitative phase imaging in 2D and 3D.
Fig. 4: Digital pathology and high-throughput cytometry via Fourier ptychography.
Fig. 5: Aberration metrology, surface inspection, long-range imaging and X-ray nanoscopy via Fourier ptychography.

Code availability

Example Fourier ptychography codes and datasets are available at


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