The physician-scientist, 75 years after Vannevar Bush–rethinking the ‘bench’ and ‘bedside’ dichotomy

Vannevar Bush enshrined the ‘basic’ and ‘applied’ research dichotomy on which much of science policy is still built 75 years later. However, it is time to assess whether this vision for science best serves the purposes of medical research and physician-scientists in the 21st century.

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We thank V. Narayanamurti for insightful discussions.

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Correspondence to Gopal P. Sarma.

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Sarma, G.P., Levey, A. & Faundez, V. The physician-scientist, 75 years after Vannevar Bush–rethinking the ‘bench’ and ‘bedside’ dichotomy. Nat Med 26, 461–462 (2020).

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