A precision medicine–based strategy for a severe adverse drug reaction

Detailed single-cell RNA-sequencing analysis of skin and blood from a patient with DRESS, a severe adverse drug reaction, leads to a personalized, hypothesis-driven treatment.

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Fig. 1: Precision-medicine pipeline for severe adverse drug reactions in drug-induced hypersensitivity and DRESS.


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Correspondence to Brian S. Kim.

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B.S.K. has served as a consultant for AbbVie, Concert Pharmaceuticals, Incyte, Menlo Therapeutics, and Pfizer; is the founder and chief scientific officer of Nuogen Pharma; and has participated in advisory boards for Cara Therapeutics, Celgene, Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, Menlo Therapeutics, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi, and Theravance Biopharma.

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