Retraction of: Nature Biotechnology, published online 28 February 2010.

The editors are retracting this article owing to issues that have come to our attention regarding the data reported in a key figure. In 2021, the authors alerted the journal to inaccuracies in Fig. 1e, a Kaplan–Meier curve representing the survival of spinal muscular atrophy mice that received either the scAAV9-SMN gene therapy or a control scAAV9-GFP vector. In 2022, the authors provided the original source data file for Fig. 1e, which confirmed multiple inaccuracies in the reported mouse lifespans and in the animal inclusions and exclusions. Notably, only one treated mouse, not the reported six mice, survived for more than 250 days. On the basis of reviewer and editorial assessment of the data, we are of the opinion that the extent of the inaccuracies in Fig. 1e and associated text undermines full confidence in the study.

The authors Kevin D Foust, Xueyong Wang, Vicki L McGovern, Lyndsey Braun, Adam K Bevan, Thanh T Le, Pablo R Morales, Mark M Rich, Arthur H M Burghes and Brian K Kaspar disagree with the retraction. Amanda M Haidet did not respond after several attempts were made to contact her.