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Identifying drug combinations that enhance treatment responses mediated by the tumor microenvironment

Drug combinations predicted to increase tumor cell death directly and by creating strong antitumor tumor microenvironments were identified by computational analysis of local responses to combinations of anticancer drugs delivered inside a tumor. Such predicted drug combinations were highly effective when administered systemically in mouse models of breast cancer.

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Fig. 1: Spatial analysis of local intratumoral drug response predicts combination treatment efficacy.


  1. Jonas, O. et al. An implantable microdevice to perform high-throughput in vivo drug sensitivity testing in tumors. Sci. Transl. Med. 7, 284ra57 (2015). This article provides background on and technical validation of the implantable microdevices used in this study.

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  2. Dominas, C. et al. The translational and regulatory development of an implantable microdevice for multiple drug sensitivity measurements in cancer patients. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. 69, 412–421 (2022). This paper reports uses of the implantable microdevice in patients.

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  3. Li, A. et al. Characterizing advanced breast cancer heterogeneity and treatment resistance through serial biopsies and comprehensive analytics. NPJ Precis. Oncol. 5, 28 (2021). This article presents the SMMART precision oncology program for transformative anticancer treatments based on the entire cancer ecosystem.

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This is a summary of: Tatarova, Z. et al. A multiplex implantable microdevice assay identifies synergistic combinations of cancer immunotherapies and conventional drugs. Nat. Biotechnol. (2022).

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