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Author Correction: Structural basis of ketamine action on human NMDA receptors

The Original Article was published on 28 July 2021

Correction to: Nature Published online 28 July 2021

This Article has been amended to make two clarifications. The second sentence of the Abstract paragraph, now reading “Ketamine is a racemic mixture containing equal parts of R- and S-ketamine, with the S-enantiomer having greater affinity for the NMDA receptor (Ebert, B., Mikkelsen, S., Thorkildsen, C. & Borgbjerg, F. M. Norketamine, the main metabolite of ketamine, is a non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist in the rat cortex and spinal cord. Eur. J. Pharmacol. 333, 99–104 (1997)),” was changed from “Ketamine is a racemic mixture of S- and R-ketamine enantiomers, with S-ketamine isomer being the more active antidepressant (Jelen, L. A., Young, A. H. & Stone, J. M. Ketamine: a tale of two enantiomers. J. Psychopharmacol. 35, 109–123 (2021)).”

In Fig. 1f, the y-axis label now reading “Inhibition (%)” was changed from “Inhibition relative to 10 μM [3H]-MK-801 (%).” The authors note that accurate concentrations of [3H]-MK-801 are noted in the Methods, subsection “Ligand-binding assay,” particularly as “[3H]MK-801 (10 nM for GluN1–GluN2AEM receptor and rat cortex; 50 nM for GluN1–GluN2BEM receptor).” The original Article has been corrected online.

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Zhang, Y., Ye, F., Zhang, T. et al. Author Correction: Structural basis of ketamine action on human NMDA receptors. Nature 598, E3 (2021).

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