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Measurability of pressure inside the proton

The Original Article was published on 16 May 2018

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Fig. 1: Imaginary (left) and real (right) part of H\(\left({\boldsymbol{\xi }},{\boldsymbol{t}}){\boldsymbol{.}}\right)\)

Data availability

The experimental data used in this work are publicly available at A Fourier transformed version of these data is available at

Code availability

The code used for the analysis is available at This code is to be used together with the neural network software package PyBrain13 and the software implementation of formulas for DVCS cross-sections by Belitsky et al.14.


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I thank V. D. Burkert, F. X. Girod, D. Müller, M. Polyakov and P. Schweitzer for discussions. This work is supported by the Croatian Science Foundation under project number 8799 and by the QuantiXLie Center of Excellence through grant KK.

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Correspondence to Krešimir Kumerički.

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The author declares no competing interests.

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