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Unexpected nuances of the penoscrotal inflatable penile prosthesis


The inflatable penile prosthesis was first implanted with a large vertical suprapubic incision. Nowadays, three surgical approaches are utilized: penoscrotal, infrapubic, and subcoronal. Globally the penoscrotal approach is used most often. Our first author describes nuances of the high transverse scrotal incision technique gained over 48 years of experience. Many of these methods will interest the reader because they are divergent from the common practice of implanters across the world. These distinctions are designed to diminish the risk of infection, speed up the surgery, and improve outcomes for both the patient and his surgeon.

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Fig. 1: Original Scott inflatable prosthesis.
Fig. 2: Surgical wound draping suggestions.
Fig. 3: High transverse scrotal incision.
Fig. 4: Metal and disposable “Scott” retractors.
Fig. 5: Proper use of disposable retractor and accessories saves time.
Fig. 6: Wilson recommended accessories for IPP.
Fig. 7: Safety checks should be done on every IPP.
Fig. 8: IPP accessories may minimize infection and hematoma.


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