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Viewing the brain through the master hand of Ramon y Cajal


For most neuroscientists, the roots of our discipline stem from Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the Spanish scientist who, during almost half a century of patient work, showed that the nervous system is made up of independent nerve cells. His studies on the anatomical organization of the brain are still a source of inspiration for many of us. His monumental body of work fully justifies that Ramón y Cajal be singled out as the founder of modern neuroscience.

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Figure 1: Frog capillaries showing blood circulation and the passage of leucocytes through the capillary wall.
Figure 2: Chick cerebellum.
Figure 3: Human cerebellum.
Figure 4: Perineuronal astrocytes.
Figure 5: The organization of a folium of the cerebellar cortex.
Figure 6: Some of the connections between cells of the dentate gyrus.
Figure 7: Postscript of a letter sent by Ramón y Cajal to his pupil Fernando de Castro on 19 July 1927.


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I thank J. Lerma and H. Korn for useful discussions.

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