Nat. Neurosci. 16, 386–387 (2013); published online 24 February 2013; addendum published after print 18 July 2014

Reanalysis accounting for electrode artifacts. The newly published Supplementary Figure 6 depicts normalized EPI scans from two DBS-implanted subjects illustrating that the nucleus accumbens ROI (red) and the region of signal dropout around the electrode are not overlapping. Nevertheless, we reanalyzed our data to further rule out the possibility that our results were affected by signal measured from the dropout region. We re-analyzed the data by removing the parts of the ROI that would extend into the electrode dropout region based on the normalized but unsmoothed functional images instead of T1-weighted scans. We then extracted the ROI time series from these unsmoothed images and correlated these with the smoothed remaining brain. Results from this reanalysis (Supplementary Table 6 and Supplementary Fig. 7) are similar to those of the first analysis—that is, DBS-induced decrease in functional connectivity between the NAc and mPFC/lPFC—confirming that our results are unlikely to reflect false positives related to electrode artifacts.