Nat. Neurosci. 18, 1008–1016 (2015); published online 25 May 2015; addendum published after print 8 July 2016

It has come to our attention that our results, as presented, have caused some confusion among readers with regard to genetic variation at the MIR137 locus, gene expression of MIR137 and schizophrenia risk. It should be noted that it is currently unclear how gene variants at the MIR137 locus confers disease risk and which are the causative or functional alleles or the gene(s) that mediate risk. Also, it is not clear to what extent a single disease-associated SNP, in isolation, relates to disease. In our study we did not examine the effects of single alleles since they often segregate together. It remains to be determined how the multiple reported disease-associated SNPs in the MIR137 locus alone and in combination influence gene expression. To clarify this would require genome editing to alter SNPs, one by one, in cell lines. Finally, further studies are required to determine whether the synaptic and behavioral changes observed in this study can be linked to the specific genetic variants within the MIR137 locus associated with schizophrenia in genome-wide association studies.