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Erratum: Recognition of the nonclassical MHC class I molecule H2-M3 by the receptor Ly49A regulates the licensing and activation of NK cells

Nature Immunology volume 14, page 413 (2013) | Download Citation

Nat. Immunol. 13, 1171–1177 (2012); published online 11 November 2012; corrected after print 19 November 2012

In the version of this article initially published, two designations for major histocompatibility complex molecules in the second subsection of Results are incorrect. The correct text should read “The affinity of AGPARAAAL-loaded H-2Dd for Ly49A (2.05 ± 0.07 μM; Fig. 2c) was similar to published values36. In contrast, we observed no interaction between Ly49A and SIINFEKL-loaded H-2Kb (Fig. 2d)....” The error has been corrected for HTML and PDF versions of this article.

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