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Erratum: Sall1 is a transcriptional regulator defining microglia identity and function

Nature Immunology volume 18, page 246 (2017) | Download Citation


Nat. Immunol. 17, 1397–1406 (2016); published online 24 October 2016; corrected after print 28 November 2016

In the HTML version of this article initially published, the scale bar was missing from the inset in the top right image in Figure 2d; the bottom left plot in Figure 2e was incorrectly a duplicate of the adjacent plot at right; and the designations in Figure 4b (Sall1fl and Sall1creER/fl) should have been Sall1fl/fl and Sall1CreER/fl (respectively). Also, the arrows in the designations above and below the plots in Supplementary Figure 3b were rendered as boxes; these should have been as follows: Sall1+/+Cx3cr1CreER-iDTR and Sall1GFP/+Cx3cr1CreER-iDTR. Finally, in Supplementary Figure 4f, the red (Ki67+) cells in the right set of images were not visible. These errors have been corrected for the HTML version of this article.

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