Nature Communications 6: Article number: 7872 (2015); Published 5 August 2015; Updated 29 November 2017

This Article contains an error in which the scanning electron microscope image shown in Fig. 2b was included incorrectly. The original Fig. 2b showed yolk-shell microstructures, as previously published in Li, S. and Wang, C.-A. Design and synthesis of hierarchically porous MnO2/carbon hybrids for high performance electrochemical capacitors. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 438, 61–67 (2015). (©2014, with permission from Elsevier). We and our colleague Dr Yuming Chen have repeated the high-rate battery cycling tests of the material, which is supplied in the Supplementary Information associated with this correction, and this error does not have consequence on the science, data or conclusions of the Article, but we apologize for any confusion caused. The correct version of Fig. 2, which shows the inner aluminum yolk encapsulated by 2–4 nm-thick TiO2 shell in the revised panel b, appears below as Fig. 1.

Figure 1
figure 1