Corrigendum | Open Access | Published:

Corrigendum: Potent single-domain antibodies that arrest respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein in its prefusion state

Nature Communications volume 8, Article number: 16165 (2017) | Download Citation

In this Article, the clinical isolate MAD/GM3_10/14 of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is incorrectly described as an RSV A isolate. MAD/GM3_10/14 has been identified as an RSV B isolate on the basis of its fusion protein sequence. The fusion protein sequences of the clinical isolates used in this study have been deposited in GenBank under accession codes MF361899 (MAD/GM2_2/12), MF361900 (MAD/GM2_12/12), MF361901 (MAD/GM2_13/12), MF361902 (MAD/GM2_14/12), MF361903 (MAD/GM3_10/14), MF361904 (MON/9/92), and MF361905 (MAD/GM3_7/13).

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