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Erratum: Polarization of M2 macrophages requires Lamtor1 that integrates cytokine and amino-acid signals

Nature Communications volume 8, Article number: 14711 (2017) | Download Citation

In this Article, there are errors in the labelling of the x axis in Fig. 5g,h that were introduced during the production process. The second label on the x axis of each graph in Fig. 5g should have been ‘ΦWT’ instead of ‘ΦKO’. In Fig. 5h, the labels ‘0’, '5', '10' and ‘0’ should have been ‘0‘, ‘1’, '5' and ‘10’, respectively. In addition, lane labels indicating the duration of leucine stimulation are missing from the Western blot in Fig. 5b, and should have read ‘0’, ‘5’, ‘10’, ‘15’, ‘20,’ ‘0’, ‘5’, ‘10’, ‘15’ and ‘20’, from left to right. The correct version of Fig. 5 appears below as Fig. 1.

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