This article was published without any competing financial interests statement. A revised declaration that lists potentially competing financial interests is provided below: A.D.M., M.M. and M.A. are affiliated with Bcs Biotech S.r.l. J.B.G. is a consultant for the Genographic Project. M.H. is affiliated with FamilyTreeDNA. A.C., A.C.C., A.K.R., A.V.S., B.M.-C., C.F., C.J.A., C.S.I.D.S., D.E.P., D.F.S.H., D.R.L., H.L., J.B., J.R.S., J.S.Z., L.J., L.M.-S., L. Parida, L.Q.-M., M.C.D., M.E.K., M.G.V., M.H., O.A., N.C.M., P.P.V., P.S., S.A., S.L., S.R.W., R.J.M. and W.H. are part of the Genographic Consortium of the National Geographic. T.T. is developing a STTR grant application with Prosapia Genetics and IFXworks. The remaining authors declare no competing financial interests.

Furthermore, the affiliation details for Ajay K. Royyuru are incorrect in this Article. The correct affiliation details for this author are given below:

IBM, Somers, New York 10589, USA.

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