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Retraction: Wolfram syndrome 1 and adenylyl cyclase 8 interact at the plasma membrane to regulate insulin production and secretion

Nature Cell Biology volume 17, page 105 (2015) | Download Citation

Nat. Cell Biol. 14, 1105–1112 (2012); published online 16 September 2012; retracted online 23 December 2014

Our Letter reported that WFS1 modulates insulin biosynthesis and secretion due to an interaction between WFS1 and AC8. It has recently become apparent that the anti-AC8 antibody, as well as some other key antibodies employed in the Letter are non-specific. In addition, we noted increased levels of WFS1 protein and the appearance of what may be post-translational modifications after incubation with high glucose (Fig. 5a,b and Supplementary Figs S4,S5). These two observations could impact protein–protein interactions by means other than altered trafficking, as the paper suggests. These concerns call into question the main conclusions of the paper. While we maintain that WFS1 does play a role in insulin biosynthesis and secretion, we cannot conclude that this is due to a WFS1–AC8 interaction. For these reasons, we think that the most responsible action is to retract the paper. We apologise to the scientific community for any confusion this publication may have caused.

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