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On May 8th 2002 the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) launched a new selection of community 'shop windows' to allow our readers easier accessibility to our websites, portals, journals and special projects in their area of interest. Many of you who have logged on to http://www.nature.com since then may have noticed that this is now the landing page for the Nature Publishing Group (Nature's new homepage is http://www.nature.com/nature).

The relaunch of the Nature homepage has also allowed us to develop community pages for the separate areas of science that NPG publishes in. Visiting http://www.nature.com you will see many subject areas, which are colour-coded to allow easy navigation. The Molecular Cell Biology subject area is blue, and if you access this link you will click through to molecular cell biology@nature.com (http://www.nature.com/molcellbio), the place to be for all cell biologists. This site lists all the journals that NPG publishes in this area, as well as the related websites and portals that might be of interest to our readers, including the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences and Nature Science Update. The Update section contains relevant news stories from Nature Science Update and Highlights from Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology are listed. Also included here are selected research papers from NPG journals related to molecular cell biology from that week. Similar pages have been developed for other communities, such as genetics and cancer (red and turquoise, respectively), which are organized in the same way and will also, we hope, contain content of interest to our readers.

Web pages and portals

Over the years the Nature homepage, as well as the homepages of other NPG journals, has developed a lot of additional content, including Nature Cancer Update, the Genome Gateway, Milestones in Cell Division and the recently launched Signaling Gateway. We hope that this new format will allow you to locate and access the information in our journals, as well as the additional gateways, portals and specialist journals that NPG publishes. To accommodate this, the Nature journal homepage has been redesigned and relaunched, creating a new landing page for the NPG that has information on all of our journals including Nature, the Research journals (including Nature Cell Biology), the Review journals and the specialist journals (including Cell Death and Differentiation).

There are also easy links through to Nature Cancer Update and the Signaling Gateway, a new project produced by NPG in collaboration with the Alliance for Cell Signaling that aims to provide a one-stop overview of what is happening in cell signalling. The interests of both the specialist researcher and the non-specialists are catered for (see http://www.signaling-update.org for further information).

We hope you enjoy these new navigation tools and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

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