2 Chromatin patterns at transcription factor binding sites

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    Both chromatin accessibility and histone modifications have different patterns around different transcription factor binding sites

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    Figure 3: Patterns and asymmetry of chromatin modification at transcription-factor-binding sites.
    Figure 5: Chromatin structure and GC content around TF binding regions.
    Figure 6: Chromatin structure around YY1 ChIP-seq peaks occupied differentially between GM12878 and K562.
    Figure 2
    Figure 4: Examples of nucleosome positioning clusters around TFBSs and relationship to GC content.
    Figure 5: Widespread asymmetry of chromatin marks around TFBSs.
    Figure 8
    Figure 2: Cell-type specificity of hypersensitive regions.
    Figure 2: Transcription factor drivers of chromatin accessibility.
    Supplementary Figure 6: Quantifying transcription factor impact on chromatin accessibility.
    Supplementary Figure 7: Transcription factor occupancies within accessible chromatin.

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