Erratum: Runx3 programs CD8+ T cell residency in non-lymphoid tissues and tumours

Nature 552, 253–257 (2017); doi:

In this Letter, owing to errors introduced during the proofreading process, the words ‘infection with’ were missing from the sentence “Furthermore, Runx3 RNAi also impaired TRM cell differentiation in the context of a localized infection with enteric Listeria monocytogenes expressing GP33–41 (LM–GP33–41) (Fig. 2b).” In addition, in Fig. 1a, the x-axis label for the bottom right graph should have read “Expression change log2(D7 kid/D7 TCM)” rather than “Expression change log2(D35 kid/D35 TCM)”. In Fig. 1e, the arrow pointing from the spleen to TCM should have been enlarged and aligned with the arrow above, and in the heat map in Fig. 1f ‘Irf4’ should have been non-italic upright font. These errors have all been corrected in the online versions of the Letter. Supplementary Information to this Corrigendum shows the original uncorrected Fig. 1, for transparency.

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Supplementary Information

This file contains the original incorrect version of Figure 1.

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Milner, J., Toma, C., Yu, B. et al. Erratum: Runx3 programs CD8+ T cell residency in non-lymphoid tissues and tumours. Nature 554, 392 (2018) doi:10.1038/nature25445

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