This Perspective should have contained the following Acknowledgements section: ‘We would like to thank the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Common Fund, the Office of Strategic Coordination and the Office of the NIH Director for funding the 4D Nucleome Program, which has supported the work represented by this report (1U54DK107981, 1U54DK107965, 1U54DK107980, 1U54DK107977, 1U54DK107967, 1U54DK107979, 1U01EB021232, 1U01EB021240, 1U01EB021223, 1U01EB021239, 1U01EB021238, 1U01EB021230, 1U01EB021237, 1U01EB021247, 1U01EB021236, 1U01CA200059, 1U01CA200060, 1U01CA200147, 1U01DA040601, 1U01DA040709, 1U01DA040583, 1U01DA040612, 1U01DA040588, 1U01DA040582, 1U01HL129971, 1U01HL130007, 1U01HL130010, 1U01HL129958, 1U01HL129998).’ The original Perspective has not been corrected.

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  1. the 4D Nucleome Network


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