Nature 538, 88–91 (2016); doi:10.1038/nature19797

In this Letter, Supplementary Figs 10 and 12 were not updated. The analyses, calculations, and text are correct. The Supplementary Information to this Corrigendum contains the corrected Supplementary Figs 10 and 12.

In Supplementary Fig. 10a the blue line was about 30 Tg of CH4 per year too low, and represents results from a previous model version. Supplementary Fig. 10b shows the percentage contributions from Supplementary Fig. 10a, so both panels contain the same error. The total of all lines in Supplementary Fig. 10a should sum to about 150 Tg of CH4 per year, consistent with Fig. 2b. In Supplementary Fig. 12, the graph contains data from the literature (coloured points) as well as a distribution based on these data (grey and black lines) and the y-axis of the upper panel was accidentally shifted (the coloured points should have the same values as those in the cited literature). These small errors affect only Supplementary Figs 10 and 12 and do not propagate into other results. The correct data were used for the remainder of the model and the Letter.

We thank V. Petrenko and F. George for bringing this to our attention. The errors have not been corrected online.