Corrigendum | Published:

Corrigendum: Robust neuronal dynamics in premotor cortex during motor planning

Nature volume 537, page 122 (01 September 2016) | Download Citation

We would like to correct several minor errors in this Article. In the Fig. 2b legend, ‘*P < 0.01’ should have read ‘**P < 0.01’. In the Methods ‘Photoinhibition’ section, the description of galvo step time during photoinhibition of multiple cortical locations should have read ‘step time: <0.2 ms; dwell time: >4.8 ms’ instead of ‘step time: <4.8 ms;’. In Extended Data Fig. 4c, the y-axis values of the three bottom panels should have run from −1 to 1, instead of from 0 to 2. In the Extended Data Fig. 5a legend, the citation given for Tlx_PL56-Cre mice should have been to ref. 46, rather than ref. 50. In the Extended Data Fig. 6b legend, the sessions were incorrectly referred to as ‘lick-right trials (session 1, 4)’ and ‘control lick-right trajectories (session 2, 3, 5)’ instead of ‘lick-right trials (session 1, 3, 4) and ‘lick-right trajectories (session 2, 5)’. All of these errors have been corrected online, and none of them affects the description, interpretation or conclusions of the Article.

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