Correction: Corrigendum: Human contribution to more-intense precipitation extremes

Nature 470, 378–381 (2011); doi:10.1038/nature09763

Supplementary Figs 8, 9 and 11 of this Article each inadvertently included results for an extraneous empirical orthogonal function (EOF)—two extraneous EOFs in the case of the right-hand column of Supplementary Fig. 8. The time mean was removed prior to the detection analysis, so the rank of the covariance matrix (which determines the maximum number of EOFs required to describe the data fully) should be nine for the time series of Northern Hemisphere mean five-year means for 1951–1999 and eight for 1955–1999. Similarly, when combining two domains such as the Northern mid-latitudes and tropics (“Nmid+Ntro”), the rank of the covariance matrix is 18 for 1951–1999. Results for ten EOFs shown in the left panel of Supplementary Fig. 8 and the lower-right panel of Supplementary Fig. 9 reflect numerical artefacts and were incorrectly included in these plots, as were results for 19 and 20 EOFs in the right panel of Supplementary Fig. 8, and for nine EOFs in Supplementary Fig. 11. In addition, for the 1951–1999 single-domain analyses the 1955–1999 means were removed from the second set of control simulations prior to the detection analysis rather than the 1951–1999 means. This small error affected detection results using ten EOFs only in Supplementary Fig. 8. The corrected Supplementary Figs 8, 9 and 11 are provided as Supplementary Information to this Corrigendum. Our conclusions and results are unaffected.


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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/nature09763

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Supplementary Information

This file contains corrections versions of Supplementary Figures 8, 9 and 11. These relate to the Nature paper doi:10/1038/nature09763. (PDF 711 kb)

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