Corrigendum | Published:

Corrigendum: Mitochondrial DNA that escapes from autophagy causes inflammation and heart failure

Nature volume 490, page 292 (11 October 2012) | Download Citation

Nature 485, 251–255 (2012); doi:10.1038/nature10992

In this Letter, several images were mistakenly switched or duplicated during preparation of the artwork. In Figs 1f and 2a, the sham-operated Dnase2a−/− and TAC-operated Dnase2a+/+ mice panels were switched. In Fig. 4d, the panel showing CD3 staining for ODN2088 control-treated TAC-operated Dnase2a+/+ mice (now shown correctly as black-bordered panel in Fig. 1 below) is a duplicate of that showing Ly6G staining for ODN2088-treated TAC-operated Dnase2a−/− mice. The panel showing CD45 staining for ODN2088-treated TAC-operated Dnase2a+/+ (now shown correctly as blue-bordered panel in Fig. 1 below) was prepared from the original picture of ODN2088 control-treated TAC-operated Dnase2a+/+. In Supplementary Fig. 4c, sham-operated Dnase2a−/− and TAC-operated Dnase2a+/+ mice panels were switched. Finally, in Supplementary Fig. 10d, the panels showing CD3 and Ly6G staining for sham-operated Tlr9+/+ mice were switched. These corrections do not alter any of the conclusions of this Letter, and the authors apologize for any confusion these errors may have caused.

Figure 1: This is the corrected Fig. 4d of the original Letter.
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