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Erratum: Corrigendum: Universal scaling of respiratory metabolism, size and nitrogen in plants

Naturevolume 441page902 (2006) | Download Citation


Nature 439, 457–461 (2006)

It has been drawn to our attention that the wording used in the first sentence after equation (1) is ambiguous. For the example used to illustrate ¾ power scaling, we implied that if metabolic rate had a body mass scaling exponent of 0.75, a 10-fold increase in size would increase metabolic rate 7.5-fold; however, we were referring to the power-law relationship on a log scale, which should have been clear from the context. A 10-fold increase in mass would therefore increase metabolic rate as a function of 100.75, which is equal to a 5.62-fold increase in metabolic rate. The apparent error in this example has no bearing on the power-law relationship or its interpretation in the paper.

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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/nature04282


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