Erratum: Molecular epidemiology and clinical spectrum of hereditary spastic paraplegia in the Japanese population based on comprehensive mutational analyses

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Correction to: Journal of Human Genetics (2014) 59, 163–172; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.139; published online 23 January 2014

Incorrect description in Table 2 in the above-mentioned article was noticed after its publication.

Table 2 Mutations and clinical summaries of Japanese HSP patients

1. In the title for Table 2, ‘Mutation and clinical summary of Japanese HSP patients’ should be ‘Mutations and clinical summaries of Japanese HSP patients’.

2. The nucleotide description for p.R562Q of SPAST should be c.1685G>A instead of c.1688G>A.

3. The position of deletion of SPAST (intron 16~3′ region) should be Chr2: 32231942_32290423 which causes 58 482-bp deletion instead of Chr2: 32290425-32231940.

4. The position of the REEP1 deletion (intron 3~intron 5) should be Chr2:86326359_86338423 which causes 12 065-bp deletion instead of Chr2: 86326358-86338428.

5. The nucleotide description for p.K1614* of SPG11 should be c.4840A>T instead of c.4840T>A.

6. In the description of SPAST deletions involving intron16 to 3′-UTR and exon 4 to intron 7, ‘Chr2’ should be added to clarify the position of the deletions.

7. The incorrect description of the foot note ‘All the patients presented the pure form.’ should be deleted.

These correction does not alter the results and their interpretation as discussed in the paper.

We apologize for this mistake.

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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/jhg.2013.139

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