The results of adjustable suture technique in paediatric strabismus surgery


Purpose Adjustable suture technique (AST) has been shown to be an effective treatment method in adult strabismus. The application of AST is not well studied in children due to potential poor cooperation during adjustment and the concern that the adjustment process can not be completed. The present series evaluates the efficacy and safety of this technique in a preselected group of children between 7 and 15 years of age.

Methods A retrospective review of 89 consecutive children undergoing AST was completed to assess: (1) the ability to perform and complete adjustment in children; (2) the frequency of need to perform adjustment; and (3) accuracy of surgical alignment. Only patients with horizontal rectus muscle surgery were included.

Results All children successfully completed the AST on the first post-operative day. Of the 89 patients, 24 (27%) required further adjustment by the AST. The mean follow-up period was 13.1 months. Fifty-three patients (60%) had previous strabismus surgery (range 1 to 5 operations). Sixty-six (74%) patients achieved successful alignment. Complications included slipped muscles in 1 case and difficulty in recession of the lateral rectus muscle in 1 patient.

Conclusions Twenty-seven per cent of the patients required post-operative adjustment. The AST achieved an overall 74% successful alignment. Application of the AST should be considered in children with horizontal deviations over age 7 years, especially in the reoperations of esotropia.


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