To improve Europe’s responsiveness to pandemic-prone pathogens, as well as resilience against major infectious-disease threats, the European Union has launched a consortium called Integrated Services for Infectious Disease Outbreak Research (ISIDORe; see

The consortium includes 17 complementary research infrastructures and networks representing more than 150 institutions. Taking a One Health approach (see, it aims to offer the most advanced and innovative services to help scientists to develop pandemic prevention and intervention tools. User projects will be implemented free of charge, from basic research through to clinical trials, and support FAIR data-sharing principles (see, in collaboration with the EU-funded BY-COVID project (see

Operational links with European and international agencies, such as the European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority and the World Health Organization, will align ISIDORe activities with global strategies for pandemic management and preparedness, help to identify priority research topics and prevent duplication and fragmentation among European research initiatives.