This week, a record-breaking magnetic field, and aerosols’ potential effects on the atmosphere.

In this episode:

00:45 Making massive magnets

Researchers have created the world’s strongest direct current magnetic field. Research article: S. Hahn et al.

08:38 Research Highlights

Macaques musicality and human consumption of microplastics. Research Article: Divergence in the functional organization of human and macaque auditory cortex revealed by fMRI responses to harmonic tones; Research Highlight: What a bottled-water habit means for intake of ‘microplastics’

10:55 Aerosols’ impacts on the climate

There’s a still a lot to learn about how aerosols affect the climate. Comment: Soot, sulfate, dust and the climate — three ways through the fog

17:03 News Chat

The launch of an X-ray space telescope, and a Russian researcher’s plans to CRISPR-edit human embryos. News: Space telescope to chart first map of the Universe in high-energy X-rays; News: Russian biologist plans more CRISPR-edited babies

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