Finland joins Europe’s bold open-access push

Finnish national funder is the first to join Plan S, which aims to make all scientific works free to read on publication, since its launch.

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Finland’s national research funder has signed up for Plan S, a push by a group of European organizations to make a radical change to the way in which research results are published.

The Academy of Finland, which announced its move on 24 September, is the first organization to sign up for Plan S since it was launched by 11 funders earlier this month.

The now 12-member-strong coalition demands that, from 2020, papers resulting from the research they fund be made immediately free to read on publication.

The Finnish academy dished out more than €440 million (US$510 million) in research funding in 2017, most of which went to individual researchers.

doi: 10.1038/d41586-018-06895-z
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