The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) and Henry Schein have announced that they are joining forces to launch a brand new national award that will recognise the personal achievements of a new graduate of either dental hygiene or both dental hygiene and therapy.

The winner of the award, to be presented at the BSDHT Oral Health Conference (OHC) in Harrogate in November, will have demonstrated exceptionally high standards throughout their studies and have gone ‘above and beyond’ in furthering the profile of the profession.

President of the BSDHT, Helen Minnery, said: ‘This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for a newly qualified professional to receive the recognition that they deserve for many challenging years of study.

‘The winner of this award will have performed a broad range of clinical skills to an excellent standard and actively recognised where and how they can improve throughout their years of study. Importantly, they will also have demonstrated a high standard of patient care, considering individual patient needs before, during and after the treatment while also creating a safe, clean and patient friendly environment.

‘The winning student will also present evidence of a positive attitude to their future in our profession with an ongoing and effective plan for continuing personal and professional development throughout their career.’

Credit: © Tetra Images/Getty Images Plus

For many years, BSDHT has sponsored a prize for each dental hygiene and therapy school in the UK to be awarded to their choice of student who they believe has excelled in their studies. Through BSDHT's new collaboration with Henry Schein, to further enhance and recognise these efforts, one winner from each school will now be considered for the overall ‘Student of the Year’ award.

The prize will include travel, accommodation and entrance into the BSDHT OHC and the spectacular ‘Student of the Year’ trophy.