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Improve recall effectiveness

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Patient recalls are often forgotten or sent only once in the hope the patient receives the message first time. Missed appointment patients are not contacted for re-booking and as a result end up in an ‘idle’ state with no activity in the practice. All of these issues lead to large lists of patients being registered but not being treated.

Understanding and reacting to the needs of patients is fundamental to proactive marketing. As a recognition of these issues, iSmile has a built-in Campaign Manager which can automatically generate up to three rounds of appointment reminders and up to eight rounds of recall reminders. Each message is set to be sent via any channel (SMS, email, letter or patient preference) and the message for each round of reminders can be customised. With all the activity happening automatically in the background it eases pressure on practice managers and receptionists and ensures the practice knows the state of each registered patient.

Furthermore, the iSmile system extends directly to the palm of your patients. The digital age has created a connected world with constant access to key information anywhere, anytime on any device. iSmile has an integrated Patient Portal, which can be accessed from any device and is branded to the practice's specifications. The secure Patient Portal enables the patient to complete their medical history ahead of their appointment, minimising surgery wait times and allowing the dentist to see more patients during the day.

The iSmile Patient Portal also captures patient feedback on their experience and includes a patient interest form. The feedback can then be analysed at the practice and interest specific campaigns can be setup.

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