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Tanzania's iconic national park must not be divided by a highway, say Andrew Dobson, Markus Borner, Tony Sinclair and 24 others. A route farther south would bring greater benefits to development and the environment.

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Author information


  1. Andrew P. Dobson is in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University, New Jersey 08544, USA.  dobson@Princeton.edu

    • Andrew P. Dobson
  2. Markus Borner is director of the Africa Programme at Frankfurt Zoological Society, Arusha, Tanzania.

    • Markus Borner
  3. Anthony R. E. Sinclair is at the Centre for Biodiversity Research, University of British Columbia, Vancouver V6T 1Z4, Canada.

    • Anthony R. E. Sinclair
  4. Peter J. Hudson is director of the Huck Institute of Life Sciences, Penn State University, Pennsylvania 16802 USA.

    • Peter J. Hudson
  5. T. Michael Anderson is in the Department of Biology, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27109, USA.

    • T. Michael Anderson
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    • Gerald Bigurube
  7. Tim B. B. Davenport is country director for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

    • Tim B. B. Davenport
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    • James Deutsch
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    • Anna B. Estes
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    • John Fryxell
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    • Charles Foley
  14. Michelle E. Gadd is Africa programme officer, Division of International Conservation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Arlington, Virginia 22203 USA.

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    • Robert D. Holt
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    • Ray Hilborn
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    • George L. K. Jambiya
  22. M. Karen Laurenson, FZS, Arusha, Tanzania.

    • M. Karen Laurenson
  23. Lota Melamari is chief executive/coordinator, Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

    • Lota Melamari
  24. Alais Ole Morindat, Kimmage East Africa Programme, Arusha, Tanzania.

    • Alais Ole Morindat
  25. Joseph O. Ogutu is at the Institute of Crop Science, University of Hohenheim, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany.

    • Joseph O. Ogutu
  26. George Schaller, Panthera, New York, New York 10018, USA.

    • George Schaller
  27. Eric Wolanski is at the Australian Centre for Tropical Freshwater Research, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.

    • Eric Wolanski


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