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    Constructing Quarks: A Sociological History of Particle Physics

    University of Chicago Press, $26, £18.50

    Great Feuds in Science: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever

    Wiley, $15.95, £9.99

    Science As A Way of Knowing: The Foundations of Modern Biology

    Harvard University Press, $18.95, £11.95

    Warmth Disperses and Time Passes: The History of Heat

    Random House, $13.95, £11.99

    The Gospel of Germs: Men, Women and the Microbe in Modern Life

    Harvard University Press, $16.95, £10.50

    Making Sense of Illness: Science, Society and Disease

    Cambridge University Press, £11.95, $29.95

    Nature Wars: People Vs. Pests

    Harvard University Press, $15.95, £9.95

    The Handicap Principle: A Missing Piece of Darwin's Puzzle

    Oxford University Press, £11.99, $16.95

    Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge

    Abacus, £8.99, $14

    The Woman That Never Evolved

    Harvard University Press, $16.95, £10.50

    Social Mindscapes: An Invitation to Cognitive Sociology

    Harvard University Press, $15.95, £9.95

    Blind Watchers of the Sky

    Oxford University Press, £8.99

    The Anti-Depressant Era

    Harvard University Press, $17.95, £10.95

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