Cell biology: Non-thermal heat-shock response to microwaves

D. de Pomerai, C. Daniells, H. David, J. Allan, I. Duce, M. Mutwakil, D. Thomas, P. Sewell, J. Tattersall, D. Jones, P. Candido

Nature 405, 417–418 (2000)10.1038/35013144

Our claim that weak microwave fields induce a heat-shock response in Caenorhabditis elegans by a non-thermal mechanism is invalidated by new findings showing that there is a small heating effect under these conditions (A. Dawe et al. Bioelectromagnetics 27, 88–97; 2006). This temperature rise (about 0.2 °C) causes heat-shock induction comparable to that noted in our communication.

C.D., J.A., M.M., D.J. and P.C. were not available to sign this retraction.