On the Record

“Public concern is probably the only thing capable of overcoming the special interests that have obfuscated the topic.”

Climate scientist James Hansen argues for open discussion of climate change, charging that NASA is trying to muzzle him for promoting cuts to greenhouse-gas emissions.

“No harm can possibly come out of eating good haggis.”

A Scottish butcher protests against official warnings that frequent haggis consumption could contribute to obesity in young children.

Sources: New York Times, BBC


Prison break

Israel's Megiddo prison, together with its 1,200 inmates, looks set to be relocated after an ancient Christian church was unearthed in its grounds.

Space suits

Old space apparel is being given a new lease of life: as a satellite. NASA is to throw a space suit equipped with batteries and a radio transmitter out of the International Space Station. Ham radio operators are encouraged to track the ‘SuitSat’.

‘Undercover’ research

A professor whose membership of the US National Socialist Movement got him fired from his university post claims he joined the Nazis as a research project to understand the mentality of white supremacists.

Number Crunch

Chinese officials last week unveiled a plan for an aerial photographic survey to measure the Great Wall.

6,300 km is the length of the wall according to Ming dynasty historical documents.

7,000 km is its length according to local surveys last century.

US$25 million is the price tag for the new survey.

Source: http://english.epochtimes.com